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nouveau inscrit

nouveau inscrit

Last Registered : Carl_Justine Last Character Creates : Carl_Justine The richest : Jhera_Arcana(2215703$)

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Enjoy our community forum, to exchange on the server, or post your suggestions or project requests faction


Single server, no need to leave to install a mapping or mods, very attractive

A community on Teamspeak

Join us soon on teamspeak, come talk with us is the whole community


Create or take over a faction, to make you a life that you can not afford

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you join our server?

Simply launch SA-MP, enter the ip of our server ( and then click on the "CONNECT" button. Do not forget to create your in-game account.

You can also connect to the ucp and also manage your character, create your character, manage your bank account

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